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In 2021 the number of Bitcoin ATMs in the world grew by more than 20%

Since the beginning of the year, the number of installed Bitcoin ATMs has increased by 21.8%, according to the Coin ATM Radar service. As of this writing, the number of devices has reached 16,974, and on Jan. 1, 2021, there were 13,928.

New Bitcoin ATMs are now being installed at a rate of more than 36 units per day.

Also, in recent months, the ratio of running units to disconnected units has noticeably increased.

The vast majority of working devices are in the U.S. – 14,388, or 84.7% of the world’s total. Canada has 1,315 (7.7%) bitcoin-ATMs installed, which is more than in all of Europe.

Among device manufacturers, Genesis Coin and General Bytes dominate, with market shares of 38.6% and 27.5%, respectively.

The top 10 operators manage more than half of the bitcoin-ATMs in operation (60.3%). The top three – CoinFlip, Bitcoin Depot, and CoinCloud – have about 10% of the total.